Òlbia Serra, MD

Dr Serra has worked at Althaia, Xarxa Assistencial Universitària de Manresa since 2021. Previously, she spent a large part of her professional career at the Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO), from 2012 to 2021.

Her lines of research include the molecular classification of cancer and the search for the most effective treatments for the patients. Currently, she is working towards a PhD on the Biomedicine programme at the Universitat de Barcelona under the supervision of Dr Ramon Salazar and Dr Núria Sala. Since 2011, Serra has participated in three research projects funded by FIS grants awarded by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III and the Horizon Europe Framework Programme of the European Commission, all of which have focused on biomedicine. She also has extensive experience in clinical trials.

Serra has taken an active part in drafting several medical guidelines on gastric, pancreatic and esophageal cancer commissioned by the ICO and the Institut Català de la Salut. She is also is a member of the EORTC Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer Group.

Òlbia loves traveling and going on family outings.