Lines of research

Upper GI

Diagnosis and treatment of the H. pylori infection

European Registry on the H. pylori management. For more information, please visit

Molecular characterisation of gastric cancer

Development of new classifications with clinical applicability.

Lower GI

Detection of colorectal lesions

Chromoendoscopy and artificial intelligence for the detection of colorectal lesions.

Applicability and diagnostic performance of predictive models for colonoscopy prioritzation in the Rapid Diagnostic Unit.

Colorectal lesions characterization

Optical diagnosis of diminutive polyps and the invasive pattern of colorectal lesions.

Artificial intelligence in the polyps’ characterization.

Colorectal lesions treatment

Clinical results of endoscopic and surgical treatment of colorectal lesions and early cancer.

Histological and genetic diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Histological and genetic factors of colorectal cancer associated with lymph node metastases.

Patient’s surveillance at risk of colorectal cancer

Surveillance recommendations for patients at high risk of colorectal cancer.

3D innovations applied to the digestive system and abdominal wall and oesophagogastric surgery

Development of 3D devices for colostomies and abdominal wall.

3D reconstruction of digestive tumours.

Pelvic floor dysfunctions. New therapeutic options

Development of new devices for the treatment of incontinence.

Lifestyle changes, pelvic floor rehabilitation and long-term patient adherence.