Agreements with the Fundación Española de Gastroenterología to provide scientific and technical support in research projects

Althaia and the Fundación Española de Gastroenterología (FUNDEG) have recently signed two collaboration agreements to allow the group to provide scientific and technical support for the research projects carried out by this national foundation.

Under the first agreement, Dr Ignasi Puig, coordinator of the GOES, is appointed Scientific Director of the European Registry on the management of Helicobacter pylori infection. The project aims to record adult patients’ diagnosis, management, and treatment strategies for H. pylori infection throughout Europe. More than 180 European researchers are participating in this multicentre prospective study, with a total record of nearly 50,000 patients from 29 countries. Project members have recorded 15 publications in the last two years. For more information, you can visit the website

Under the second agreement, as a result of a second agreement, Dr Puig has also become Scientific Director of AEG-REDCap. This online research platform, run by the Asociación Española de Gastroenterología with the support of GOES research group, promotes the design, development and management of electronic data collection notebooks for the collection of records in multicentre studies. The platform currently engages more than 2,500 researchers in 80 hosted projects, and its work has already led to the publication of 200 papers.

The GOES group also coordinates these researchers and administers the platform and the registry. The technical management of these projects is carried out by Anna Cano, member of the group.

These two collaboration agreements promote networking with the scientific community in Spain and open up new research opportunities. At the same time, they provide the GOES group with financial resources that will allow the creation of internal structures and the launch of new research projects.

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