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Dr. Yuichi Mori visits Althaia to launch the ACCEPT study, which evaluates the use of artificial intelligence in the colon and rectal cancer screening programme

Dr. Yuichi Mori, an endoscopist working at the University of Oslo, came to Althaia a few days ago to visit the Digestology facilities and inaugurate our participation in the ACCEPT study, a new European study funded by the Health Trust of South-East Norway, the European Commission, the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, and the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. He was accompanied by Helena Subijana, from IDIBAPS, coordinator of the project in Spain. The project aims to assess whether artificial intelligence (AI) used during colonoscopy reduces the incidence of and mortality from colon cancer within the framework of the colon and rectal cancer screening programme.

AI applied to the endoscopic procedure has been shown to increase the ability to detect polyps, the precursor lesions of cancer. This study aims to assess whether AI’s ability to increase detection reduces the likelihood of developing cancer. The sample will include over 200,000 patients with a follow-up of fifteen years.

El Dr. Yuichi Mori visita Althaia
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