Societat Catalana de Digestologia Congress

Dr Marco Antonio Álvarez receives the award for best poster at the 31st Congress of the Societat Catalana de Digestologia

Dr Marco Antonio Álvarez, a member of the Gastrointestinal Oncology, Endoscopy and Surgery research group (GOES), has received the award for the best poster at the 31st Congress of the Catalan Society of Digestology held last week in Girona. The award-winning paper is entitled Prevalence of missed lesions in patients with inadequate bowel preparation by early repeat colonoscopy, and it is the result of a multicenter carried out during his stay at the Hospital del Mar and in which 11 centres from Spain participated. On behalf of GOES, in addition to Dr Alvarez as principal investigator, Dr Ignasi Puig took part as an associate researcher.

The award goes to a multicenter study of the effects of inadequate bowel preparation on the detection of lesions during colonoscopy

The study analyses the percentage of lesions missed during invalid colonoscopies due to inadequate preparation. The results indicate that among patients with inadequate bowel preparation, the impossibility of visualizing a segment of the colon (Boston classification 0) was associated with an inability to detect advanced lesions such as cancer. In contrast, nor was cancer detected in insufficient preparations with partial visualisation (Boston 1). The findings are significant because they change the evidence for current recommendations, arguing in favor of repeat colonoscopy before one year when the preparation is insufficient. This range of recommendations would not be acceptable in patients with impossible visualisation.

The members of GOES played a very prominent role at the congress since the group also presented other studies in addition to the one authored by Álvarez. Dr Raúl Velamazán was the first author of the oral communication Patterns of recurrence after the first episode of symptomatic biliary lithiasis requiring admission: who to prioritize on the waiting list for cholecystectomy? RELAPSTONE-Young AEG Group. 

In addition, Dr Puig acted as coordinator and moderator of the 7th Endoscopy Video Forum Workshop, where he also participated as a speaker presenting a case of a complex optical diagnosis of a colorectal polyp. Dr Puig also contributed to the poster presented Colorectal Cancer pt1 diagnosed in the context of CRC population screening, a study led by Hospital Clínic, and acted as moderator of the Endoscopy and Cancer section of the posters.

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